Birria (Goat Stew)…if you haven’t tried, do it!

In a small village outside of Monteón Nayarit, Mexico, there was a roadside restaurant operated by an entire family who work hard under the tent in the blazing sun. The daughter handpresses tortillas and cooks them on a metal sheet, below hot coals surrounded by concrete blocks. The mother, seats patrons and gets their beverages. The aunt, dice’s onions cilantro jalapeno and other ingredients for the stew while the father cooks the Birria.

As we sit down, we all order the same thing. Birria, tortilla, tortilla with cheese for quesadilla and Fresca.

Let me tell you, the smell was out of this world… completely undescribable, the broth was clear and shiny. You put in the onions, the cilantro and squeeze the fresh lime and bam! You are blown away by the flavors. The meat is tender and extremely flavorful.

On our way to Tepic, we discussed that we would stop there and interview them for the cooking video that we’re going to be doing.  We would showcase their roadside restaurant and tell the region of the unique flavors and picturesque setting.


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