My recent trip to Tepic, Nayarit Mexico

Let me tell you folks, you’ve never had a street taco like the ones in Tepic, Mexico.  As a foreign traveler and self proclaimed foodie, there is a certain nervousness that comes with trying new dishes in Mexico or foreign lands for that matter. I traveled to Mexico with a fellow Chef and his brothers to explore the culture and food of the Bahía de Banderas region of Mexico.  We spend the first night in his home village of Punta de Mita, 35 miles north of PV and then we rented a truck to drive 5 hours to the capital city of Tepic. 

If you ever get the opportunity to travel to Mexico, please make an effort to leave the big tourist spots behind and explore the smaller villages and larger cities where the residents of the country live.  As we drove along highway 200, a narrow two lane highway, we’d pass large busses of locals traveling 5 sometimes 8 hours to get to Guadalajara. It was a humbling experience to see them with their families and little kids making the trek. Made me think of traveling with my kids, we have our own car and it still seems too hard. Tepic is a very large city with a seemingly easy road system.  It is nestled in the mountains surrounded by Avocado trees, jicima fields and sugar cane plantations.  The people of Tepic are very hard working and take pride in what they do.  Lets talk about the pictures……

Below are pictures of Chef Izzy and his brothers, we went out to grab some street tacos and came across this stand.  In the top right picture is the cook top that most vendors use.  Its mounded at the top with a circular pit around the bottom.  The Chef cooks the meat on the mound and the juiced and fat collect on the bottom. There, he dredges the tortillas in the fat and heats them on the mound. Its genius!  Flavorful and delicious, this cooktop does it all.  The flavors were clean, spicy, and I couldn’t get enough of them.  Be adventurous! 


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